The New UK Strict Rules and Regulations Governing Casino Bonuses

The New UK Strict Rules and Regulations Governing Casino Bonuses

Roulette Bonuses

Because of the great variety of roulette variants available to enjoy online roulette bonus offers are correspondingly diverse. The sticky and cashable bonuses are similar to those of blackjack, reload bonuses reward loyal customers for every new isoftbet casino list deposit, plus some other bonuses which depend on the particular variant of roulette game the player chooses to play at online casinos.

High Roller Bonuses

High roller casino bonus UK customers receive when they deposit and wager substantial amounts of money. Such rewards are personalized and are presented as gifts to these players to stimulate them to keep depositing big sums.

Referral Bonuses

The referral bonuses work for players who refer a friend to register an account and gamble in a given casino. The referred people don’t obtain the bonus immediately after the registration, but they are required to make a minimum deposit and then the bonuses will be credited to their accounts. Such bonuses can be released, but in the case you follow the peculiar wagering requirements.

Why are Casino Bonuses Regulated?

Casino companies employ bonus campaigns as the key instrument of marketing and businesses’ promoting. The casino company can tweak them as they wish to captivate as many customers as possible. Unfortunately, though, some bookmakers and casinos abuse the bonuses and go against the fixed consumer protection and competition regulations.

Certain online bonuses are exploitative for their consumers. By setting very stringent bonus terms and conditions gambling sites make them nigh impossible for the players to follow and still collect winnings. The conditions of some bonuses require a player to participate in publicity campaigns intended to promote the casino brand before letting a player to release the winnings.

The vast majority of bonuses online casinos offer have very ambiguous terms. When players accept these bonus offers, they have no idea what they are signing up for exactly. Thus, users gamble with bonus cash without knowing the wagering requirements. This lack of clear guidelines on casino bonuses terms goes against consumer protection rights.

There is, therefore, need for the regulatory bodies in the United Kingdom to set rules and regulations to guide the casinos on how to define the terms and condition of various bonuses. The supervisory authorities clarify the maximum deposit that online casinos operating in the UK can offer, the minimum wagering requirements, the max bet, the withdrawal limits, etc. These regulations protect both the customer and casinos from unfair competition arising from bonus deals which are too lucrative.

In the United Kingdom, various departments and regulatory bodies oversee the betting industry, including the United Kingdom Gambling Commission aimed at managing the entire gambling industry, Advertising Standards Authority, CMA, HMRC and many others which control various aspects of gambling as a business in the United Kingdom.

Since 2017, there have been several amended laws and regulations. The most recent changes and what they mean for the gambling industry are as follows.

Tax Regulation Changes on No Deposit Bonus Offers

This regulation is like a culmination of the British Finance Bill published in 2017, which requires that all casino free and discounted bonuses get taxed. Parliament approved the draft bill and the law officially entered into force for British casino companies as from .

To abide by the law, casino websites are required to pay 15 percent on promotions, bets, or bonuses with a purpose to captivate more users and promote the brand. This law is a part of the UK regulatory policy and a result of numerous measures the government is taking to maximize customer protection, reduce the adverse effects of gambling encouraging users to play responsibly and also raise more revenue.

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