All the procedure off internalization from target affairs consider the brand new internalization away from gadgets from affective county, object-signal, and you may worry about-symbol

All the procedure off internalization from target affairs consider the brand new internalization away from gadgets from affective county, object-signal, and you may worry about-symbol

It is clear out of this standing you to definitely low-structuring internalization will not make business of every «entity» in care about, but alternatively causes a change of your combination of one’s thinking, or even in producing a concept, recollections or dream into the worry about

Following Erikson. I experienced introjection, identification, and you will pride title since the a modern series of these internalization procedure. When it comes to introjection, object- and you may mind-representations aren’t yet fully differentiated away from both, and their apply to are ancient, extreme and diffuse. This new affective condition was smaller serious, reduced diffuse, and you may. the brand new spectrum of affect dispositions is broadened and you can deepened. Pride name is generally thought of as the new supraordinate combination regarding identifications to your an energetic, unified structure ( pp. 75 f. ).

Regardless of if from inside the Fairbairn’s concept the notion of structure is radically various other and you can an effective relational/construction design is employed unlike a drive/structure design, what exactly is are explained phenomenologically in both concepts was closely relevant. There was a leading degree of telecommunications between Fairbairn’s low-structuring internalization and you will Kernberg’s notion of pride term. Each other theories recognize that there clearly was a good continuity out-of self feel and you will term that’s doing work in such as for instance internalization which results in more and more highest degrees of synthesis and you may integration. The exact opposite holds true with respect to structuring internalization, and that such as Kernberg’s introjection, identifies a level of performing in which discontinuity and you may unintegrability cause a beneficial pathological sorts of internalization between the breaking regarding brand new notice while the significant formation off framework. Kernberg penned from the means of introjection plus the structures ensuing of it one to,

The time and effort away from «nonmetabolized» early introjections ‘s the result of a beneficial pathological fixation off really interrupted, early target relationships, a fixation that is sexually connected with the newest pathological development of splitting(1976, p. 34).

Kernberg’s advanced mode out-of internalization, the key problem of identification, is actually reduced obviously and indeed associated with Fairbairn’s non-structuring internalization. Kernberg described regular identity the following:

In the case of character, not simply is there a highly-created break up anywhere between self- and you can target-representations, but there is however a keen internalization out-of a job aspect of the relationship, which is, off a beneficial socially acknowledged means which is being actualized regarding self-object correspondence

(1) a partial modification of your own overall self-build consuming an alternative worry about-sign, (2) a point from consolidation out-of one another self- and you will target- representations with the autonomous ego working in the form of neutralized reputation characteristics, and you may (3) some extent of reorganization of your person’s conclusion models underneath the dictate of your own newly lead identificatory design (1976, p. 78).

Again it is very important to note this new focus on continuity and you may integration in large unity of self, instead of any sense of architectural separation inside you to entire. Despite just what Kernberg called pathological identification, it’s clear your communication is always to low-structuring internalization, no matter if in this instance the process happen mostly during the family members so you can possibly the latest Libidinal or Antilibidinal Self in lieu of on the Central Worry about. This particular fact makes up about the new rigidity and you will crystallization Kernberg seen to help you be attribute of these internalizations.

The conclusion regarding pathological character procedure try character cystic. More rigid and you may neurotic the smoothness qualities was, the more they demonstrate that a past pathogenic internalized target loved ones (representing a certain argument) has been «frozen» into the a characteristics development (1976, p. 79).

When you are such as for example identifications take place under the influence of pathological endopsychic structures and will more sluggish replace the nature ones formations, they don’t eventuate in any then development of such structures.

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